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Levi, you are a true warrior! Snooker is a natural talent for you! You succeed just by showing great vigor and having the courage to take your skills and chase your dream! Your mind is so strong, and healthy. Your mental ability to focus, persevere and stay positive is amazing. Your game is aggressive and incredibly full of passion and energy! You and your game have me in awe everyday. Canada is represented with such great strength this year. I am honoured, proud and so lucky to have you in my life! Smile, keep your eyes on the prize, focus, play hard and most importantly – have fun! Enjoy every second of your ride! This is your time! Let’s go Levi Meiller, bring out the warrior within you! Love, Anita Xoxo

Anita Chan

“Levi Meiller is the best long ball potter I have EVER seen.”

Cliff Thorburn, 1980 World Snooker Champion

“Levi reminds me of the Canadian snooker player throwing himself into the game of snooker and realizing he has to travel to the UK to get to the next level. It’s been a long time since a player from Canada has made this kind of commitment. Almost seems like a ‘long lost dream.’ Work hard and dream on Levi.”

Cliff Thorburn, 1980 World Snooker Champion

“Wishing Levi the best on his journey to getting back to the professional side of the game. Kudos”

The Snooker Canada Team

“On behalf of the Ontario Snooker Association (OBSA) I would like to extend my best wishes to you for success in your trip to England and Q School and making Snooker a career which many of us dream about. You are one of the most talented natural players I have seen in Canada and with a bit of luck and hard work we could see once again a Canadian on the professional snooker tour. You could start the Canadian comeback!! As its been too long since we have had anyone representing our Country on tour. I have had many conversations with you over the Ontario Snooker season and witnessed some great snooker that you have played, so my advice to you is maintain your focus on your end goal, concentrate not only when you are at the table but also when you not playing, focus on your mental and physical strength and your natural ability will come through. Good luck Levi and I will see you soon!!”

Presley, OBSA

“Our Ontario player Levi Meiller is heading to England and Q School. The OBSA supports and wishes him the very best for success over there!!”

Presley and Les, OBSA

“Others see failure. Levi sees feedback. That’s what I first noticed about his snooker game. He has a very strong growth mindset. He thinks of failure not as a lack of ability but as an opportunity to learn. I remember congratulating him after a tournament finals win where he was so good he was unplayable. His comment: ‘The finals went well, but it took me too long to find my game in the early rounds. I can’t do that and expect to get away with it.’ That’s a winner’s mentality!”

Mike Millar

“Work hard. Dream big. Good luck Levi!”

Angela Wong

“Your drive and determination will take you far in your endeavours Levi, congratulations on following your dream…so very proud of you and happy to call you my friend…you make Canada look good! xoxo”

Deb McCauley

“Truly inspired to see you following your dreams!!! Joyce and I will be watching intently, wishing you all the best and hoping for great results! We know you will do well!! Cheers Mate”


“We are so excited for you buddy. So glad you are following your dream and doing well. You are such a great guy and we wish you all the best. Keep us posted. Love ya!”

Rick and Claire James

“Good luck Levi you have the talent! Look forward to seeing you do well!!”

Donna Grass

“Wishing you all the best. You do have the talent.”

Barbara Landrey

“I seen your picture with Ding Junhui, he is a talent, if you can practice with the likes of him, it is bound to give you confidence and the experience and skills needed to get the card.”

Rolland Colbourne

“I’ve played one of the best matches of my career against Levi and finished on the losing side. Levi has some great natural ability to pot some unbelievable balls. I hope you make it buddy. Wish you all the very best.”

Sahil Nayyar

“The best advice I can give you is have fun, stay focused and enjoy the ride no matter what happens pal. We’re all rooting for you!”

John White

“Stay hungry like a wolf! Love pops! OXOXOXOX”

“A true gentleman of the sport as well.. I wish you great success in your endeavours my friend! Cheers”

Greg McIntyre
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