[Written by Anita]

Levi Meiller is a passionate and successful Canadian snooker player. He began playing at the age of 14 and quickly honed his natural skill to get his perfect game by the age 15.

Levi has had the honour to have had some mentoring/coaching by Cliff Thorburn, Kirk Stevens and Gary Baldrey. He recently decided to return to what he loves most and make it his career. He is practising 4 – 6 hours a day primarily at Stroker’s Billiards in London, Ontario, which is close to home. Levi can also be found at Corner Bank Sports Bar and Grill in Scarborough, Steel City Billiards in Hamilton, and on a home table in Mike Millar’s basement. Levi has spent the last few months travelling to as many tournaments as possible including the World Senior Snooker Tour and Pan/Am Tournament in Houston, Texas.

Off the snooker table, Levi is shy at first, however, always funny, loyal, honest, caring, and many would say somewhat a little goofy! Family is most important to him, especially his mum and pops, his dog, Fin, and just being happy. In his spare time Levi enjoys writing poetry, and playing golf and darts. He loves trying new foods along with a good cold beer(s) with great company.

Levi is one of the last two Canadians to earn a spot on the Pro Tour in 2002. His passion to chase his dream has brought him to Sheffield, England, to practice at the Star Snooker Academy to be ready for Q School 2019. He continues to challenge and make himself and his game better every day.

Levi may very well hold three unofficial world records:

  1. Running his first century break (111 points) within 6 months of playing.
  2. Successfully completing 14 centuries in one day.
  3. Made his first perfect, 147 break game within two years of picking up a cue. 

Levi’s official snooker achievements include the following:

  • 3 times Ontario Snooker Champion
  • 3 times Junior Canadian Snooker Champion
  • Final 32 in World Junior Amateur Snooker Championship
  • 2000 Semi Finalist in Men’s Ontario Snooker Championship
  • Ranked Top 128 in the World on the 2001/02 Pro Tour
  • 2019 Quarter Finalist at Pan American Snooker Championship
  • 13 Career Perfect Breaks of 147 Points
  • Currently Ranked 46th on the 2018/19 World Seniors Snooker Tour

Levi’s words of wisdom are, “Follow your dreams and believe them. The world is yours to have. Just do it as Nike says.”

This is the beginning of our new journey. We are so excited and happy to have so many supporters. With Levi Meiller’s natural talent, goals, dreams and passion, I am proud to say Canada is represented strong in Q School 2019. Let’s go LEVI MEILLER!  

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